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Small Woman-Owned Business FDA Reg # 3004599007

Key Advantages

Key Advantages of Qualimax

QUALIMAX LLC is an FDA registered and inspected laboratory specializing in chemical and microbiological analysis of cosmetics, water, pharmaceutical and raw material samples. Our mission is to provide accurate, fast, and reliable analytical services to ensure quality of varied client products. We are committed to excellence in quality, service and technology. We recognize that the precision, accuracy, and customer acceptance of our work is fundamental to Qualimax LLC’s business viability. Qualimax LLC has made quality assurance the focal point of its management strategy in all operations. 

Our analytical methods are either standard methods (FDA-BAM, USP/NF, EP, JP, BP, FCC, ACS, and AOAC) or developed and validated in-house based on scientific merit. Qualimax LLC is committed to demonstrating competence and integrity throughout all of our interactions with the regulatory agencies and our customers.

  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) mandated by the FDA and EPA
  • Sample Tracking, instrument calibration, maintenance and written documentation of the analytical methods
  • Reliable performance and reproducible results
  • Work force comprised of specialists both in technical and hands on areas
  • State-of-the-art analytical instruments
  • Timely delivery of results
  • Increased productivity
  • Operations working under a continuous improvement process
  • Strong and lasting alliance based upon trust and understanding
  • Excellent track record with focus on laboratory analysis and commitment to quality testing
  • Cost-effectiveness due to in-house analysis
  • Open channel of communication with clients
  • Ready to up-grade, purchase new equipment to tailor our services to our clients’ need
  • Small woman-owned business