In 2002, a team of highly skilled scientists envisioned a high quality, high-tech analytical laboratory comprised of the world's most sophisticated facilities and scientific experts to meet the emerging testing demands of the manufacturing industry. Qualimax is the highly successful culmination of that shared vision.

With one of the most impressive and credentialed work forces in the worldwide commercial testing industry, people are Qualimax LLC's greatest asset. This team of professional scientists boasts more than 50 years combined management and hands-on experience in the following: Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Personal Care, Cosmetic, Household, Detergent, Chemical, Reagent, Polymer, Biotechnology, Laboratory Supply, Water Softener and Pigment Industries.


Massoud Arvanaghi, Ph.D.

Massoud Arvanaghi received his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry in 1982 from the University of Southern California under the tutelage of the 1994 Nobel Laureate professor George A. Olah. He also received postdoctoral training in the study of advanced molecular science applications utilizing extreme environmental conditions at USC. Massoud completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry/Biology in 1978 at Arya-Mehr University of Technology in Iran. He had the privilege and honor to both study and collaborate on several peer reviewed scientific articles with Dr. Olah. He is co-author of more than three dozen scientific articles, reviews and patents published in major peer reviewed American and European Journals. His continuing research efforts are concentrated in the areas of health, nutrition, food flavors, natural products, bio-fermentation, peptide, DNA/RNA synthesis, super acidic systems, toxicity, environmental and biotechnological products. He is a member of American Chemical Society, Institute of Food Technologies and American Herbal Products Association.

Ferial K. Arvanaghi, M.S.

Ferial Arvanaghi received her Master's Degree in Polymer Science from University of Akron in 1986. Since then she worked in a number of multinational industries including pharmaceutical, personal care and fertilizer products. She has significant experience in QA/QC, direct research and analytical method development. Ferial has hands-on experience in the areas of controlled release technology, enzyme purification and analysis, characterization of polymeric builders, synthesis and characterization of UVA/UVB active monomers and polymers, analysis of benefit agents including oils, sunscreens, alpha-hydroxy acids, proteins, surfactants and insect repellents. During her career, Ferial has published articles in peer reviewed journals and has filed and granted more than ten US Patents. She is a member of American Chemical Society. To contact Ferial, you may email her at or call her at (201) 342-6355.

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