Duties: Analyze various cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, household, and chemical products. Responsibilities include isolation, analytical testing of various ingredients; using instrumentation and/or wet-chemical methods based on AOAC/FCC, FDA, USP/NF, EP/BP, JP, or in-house developed protocols. Routine analysis encompasses isolation, determination of active components and their respective values, determination of nitrogen, carbohydrate, moisture and ash content. A hands-on knowledge of preparing different cultures, media and bacteria colonies for microbiological testing is a plus.

Qualifications: BS degree or equivalent with a minimum of four to six years analytical testing experience. Knowledge of instrumentation and wet chemistry is a must.

Instrumentation: FTIR, HPLC, SPF Analyzer, UV, GC, TOC, Karl Fischer, Automated Polarimeter, and number of other analytical instruments.

Compensations: Based on experience, full health insurance benefits, 401k plan

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